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Barista Show
Dritan Alsela : Hey guys, are you following me on Instagram? I’m sharing my daily experiences as Barista with pictures, videos and stories there ✌ Check it out and stay tuned:
Instagram: @dritanalsela
XIN JING : my eyes said its looks so easy, my hands said no no you just dreaming.
Onigiri Izumi : You man, not just a barista, you are above it, the passion you showed even certified barista can't have it. You truly show respect in every cup you make, the level only good barista can do and great barista have nothing but fancy equipments.
Ieva Faulkner : Love it! I wish I could do this so easily! In saying that, half my time goes in breaking down every ticket these days, everyone has such a specific order, at least here in Australia. We offer flat white, cappuccino, latte, mocha, piccolo, macchiato, ristretto, cold brew, iced latte, ice coffee, hot chocolate, cold chocolate, 4 different sizes, 5 different milk options, extra hot, extra shot, half strength, adding sugar, honey, syrup, 3/4 full, take away and dine in. I’m sure here are variables I’ve forgotten from top of my head. Sometimes reading the ticket takes as long as it took you to make the 6 coffees :D
Fir ka Lali : This is called passion and dedication to the art of making artisanal coffee.

A day in my life as a barista: from opening to closing | 咖啡师的一天 | London Vlog #11

#baristavlog #cafevlog #咖啡师
Cafe Vlog | Barista Vlog | Latte art

Date: Vlog of 2022/3
Camera: Osmo Action \u0026 Samsung s20

I'm no longer affiliated with my old workplace btw. Here's a new barista vlog at my new workplace!
(Also, I also apologize for missing the last "n" in James' surname!)

0:00 Intro
0:25 Wake up (6.50 AM)
1:36 Leave for work (7.10 AM)
2:14 Opening (8.00 AM)
14:19 Restaurant opens (9.00 AM)
21:31 Bruch rush (11.00 AM)
24:26 Midday cleaning (12.30 PM)
25:52 Second rush (1.00 PM)
26:30 Practice time
48:53 Last orders (4.00 PM)
51:51 Restaurant closes\r/deep cleaning (4.30 PM)
56:09 Shift ends (5.15 PM)

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Justin Johnson : I was a barista off and on for 10 years. I thought I would be making drinks and chatting with customers all day. It turned out I was cleaning and restocking 80% of the time, and pulling shots about 15%
Kaylee Morones : this made me not want to be a Starbucks barista anymore and apply to a different coffee shop. I loved this video!
Melissa A : Hey I've watched your videos for a while and I remember you practicing your latte art in your vlog at your old workplace to now...the progress is amazing! You make it look so easy!
Holding Name Required : Love watching this video. I really enjoyed checking out your content.

I am making 3 videos a week documenting my training for an Ultra-Marathon I'm doing in September. Seeing content like this is really good motivation for me to keep making content.

Keep the videos coming. I can't wait to see the next video!!!
Charlotte Corday : I just discovered your channel yesterday and I'm so thankful for your cafe vlogs! It has something meditative about it and your diligence and structured work inspire me. <3

Ich habe einen Tag als Barista gearbeitet

Ich bin heute ein Tag land Barista in einem Kölner Café! Viel Spaß mit dem Video!
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Jetzt sparen unter (Werbung)
Und vielen Dank an Café No. 5
Barbarossapl. 5, 50674 Köln

Mein Instagram:
Amre Ajdin : Was gibt's schöneres, als ein neues Video von Max, an einem Sonntag Nachmittag :)
zois : Auch mal props an Eric dafür, dass er immer so Fragen stellt.
Habe ich schon sehr oft bemerkt, dass Max über etwas redet, was ihm selbstverständlich scheint und Eric extra nochmal nachfragt "Was heißt das genau?" damit man auch als Zuschauer alles richtig checkt.
Sehr nice
Benny : Dieses Format ist mega interessant. Ich freue mich schon auf die nächsten Folgen. Ich glaube 1 Tag als Sushi Meister wäre was für dich
Al Ball : Sehr geiles Format, wir du schon gesagt hast aufjedenfall mehr davon!!!!!!
Iver Boernsen : Moin.
Geiles Format, gerne mehr davon, zB Edel-Burger-Laden und Steakhaus




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