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helloitsbo : Lyrics:
Please tell me that I am okay
Please show me that this is the way

When time stands still
When I feel silence
life gets real
When hearts are violent
Words, they kill
But I stay silent
Let me know that you're still with me

Please show me a beautiful day
Please take me to your quiet place

When snow is falling
In winter silence
When no one is calling
When dawn is lightless
I will be still
I will stay quiet
And I will wait until the spring time
I will wait until the snow stops
I will wait until the morning
For you


Don't worry, cause you'll be okay
Don't let all the time pass away

You are loved
And you are priceless
Cause your love,
Well, nothing's quite like it
Although now
may seem like a lifetime
Know that the dawn will come for you
Know that the peace will come for you
Know that my love will be with you

Elian Garcia : please consider releasing sheet music or even just the chords, this is too beautiful. I really would love to play this on piano
Emma Byun : 한국에 사는 아기엄마입니다. 샘의 노래가 오늘 지쳤던 저에게 힘을 주네요. 멀리서도 이렇게 따뜻한 위로가 강하게 전해질 수 있다니 역시 음악의 힘은 대단한 것 같아요. 샘도 건강 조심하고 부디 지금처럼 앞으로도 계속 좋은 음악 할 수있길 바랍니다.
おた : I hope you're feeling alright Sam. When you released Forever some years ago I could just feel the pain of your heart through the inflection of your voice and lyricism; And once I heard 'This Side of Eternity', everything just exploded within me and I couldn't stop crying.

From 'Beautiful People' to 'silent', you'll always be Mr. Wonderful to me; We'll always be running in this race, and I wish to be along for the ride when we do cross that finish line, on that side of eternity.
Sue An : Dear Sam,
Your songs have helped me through the darkest valleys and some of the hardest moments of my life! Also, they have been with me through happy times and when I want to smile.:)
Thank you for this song. I needed to hear this today! Life has been so hard & God has felt so far away. What a beautiful reminder that He is next to us even when we don't feel like He is. You are so gifted and your music is a gift! Please continue making beautiful music that touches our hearts~~

10 hours of absolute silence (the original)

10 hours of comfortable silence. Only watch the original, everything else may contain sound ;-)
Jewelian Perez : If you ever feel useless, just know this video can have captions enabled.
Lysohurtsme : If you turn the volume up does it make the silence louder?
Deleta : Hands down the best song ever made. I remember first listening to this 9 months before my 0th birthday. 10/10 would recommend.
Oats : The amount of power this guy had. He could’ve yelled at anytime and decided not too……
guitaro5000 : I'm glad to find the original. All the copycats are silent but this one is even more silent, especially when you turn it all the way up to the lowest volume.

Battlefield 2042 has silent bullets and no one knows…

Battlefield 2042 has Subsonic rounds that barely anyone uses. They have no muzzle flash, no crack and combined with a suppressor, you can be hidden on the minimap at med to long range. Insane really! Let's play. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
Walter Gable : I really enjoy the role playing video. Like those anti-tank guys from a few videos ago. Or sniper support on an objective. It's good stuff to watch.
Dudae : Funny how the first death was also with High power subsonic ammo so you also realize what it's like being on the receiving end
GentleBen : I was hoping this was going to be in ultra wide. I think bf2042 looks especially good in that wide resolution/aspect ratio. BF4 doesn't quite have the textures that make ultra wide as cinematic
A Digital Legend : Doing this set up on the pp29 is extremely effective as you still have a massive suppressed magazine and decent time to kill with good reload and damage.
Ave : Now, that game...I would play. Sound, visuals, no stupid bullshit. That was nice. More of that please!




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