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Stargate SG-1 Funny Moments 1


These are just some really funny moments for the first few seasons of Stargate SG-1...

::Episodes Used::
Season 2 Episode 1 Serpant's Lair
Season 3 Episode 2 Seth
Season 3 Episode 16 Urgo
Season 4 Episode 6 Window of Opportunity
Season 4 Episode 20 Entity
RedBelle Mage : Stargate SG-1 one of the few shows that was a perfect combination of adventure, science fiction, and comedy
InspHCallahan : I love how literally half the video is Window of Opportunity, that's how funny that episode is
Seluecus1 : "Window of Opportunity" was easily one of the best Episodes in the entirety of the SG-Series.
Daniel Jensen : The coffee chugging scene is probably the funniest single moment in the whole damn series. Only thing better is the fact that Oniell was seeing visions of a barber's life for years and just never said anything because he thought it was "relaxing", but that was a much longer setup.
Birgit Melchior : Thor: we are no longer capable of such thinking
Daniel: wait a minute, you're saying that you need someone more stupid?
Jack: You... may have come to the right place

Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, Universe (TV-series 1997-2011) - leather compilation HD 720p

This Stargate leather compilation of 17 seasons and 354 episodes includes Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Universe.
Skoora : Even though it started with Sam in SG-1, the runway black leather they gave Atlantis when they started going off World was hilarious. I’ve been marathoning it (now in S5) and it cracks me up every time. Like I can believe for one second that scientists and doctors and even military are going on missions in their snug black leather outfits that look like they just left Paris. So practical and functional and hey! We’re explorers and come in peace to your village looking like fashion victim secret police! Lol.
Pat Lee : Despite being able to travel to different worlds via stargates, fly on space ships, speak with advanced alien civilizations, everyone stays loyal to leather. Props.
Stitch's Loft : Valerie Halverson is an amazing Costume Designer!
MedicalMansion : Why has there NOT been another show of Atlantis the lost underwater world since? It would be remarkable to actually see someone finding the underwater city and trying to raise it from the ocean or live underwater with the sea life using its resources.
User5973 : "My area of expertise is ancient cultures."
"Oh, mine too."
"Yes, I know..."
Smooth move Daniel Jackson. Smooth indeed. Now, you'll never score.

Stargate SG-1 - Season 8 - Moebius: Part 1 - Meet Alternative Rodney McKay / The Stargate is found

Humility is - unfortunately - not a cross-temporal trait.
Stormspark : Michael and Amanda do a great job of playing completely different characters than their normal selves in this episode.
WUZLE : You can't argue with Hammond. He's just too darned reasonable.
Gate Traveller : It’s funny how after the timeline shift, it wasn’t Rodney’s dna that changed ie: being a completely different personal entirely

It’s that he no longer developed a citrus allergy
Matt Gilbert : I'd like to point out that rodney says it's lemon chicken today and it's his favourite.
Jim Cambron : I love how, thruout the Stargate SD1 series, rolling focus is used extensively to draw the viewer to significant dialong or visual cues...




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