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Pentax K-r Review (Will Ricoh Kill Pentax?)

Recently, it was announced that Ricoh is set to buy the Pentax camera business from Hoya for $128 million. This upset Kai, our presenter, who had planned to buy Pentax for himself, but unfortunately someone else got their first. So, he begged to review the Pentax K-r(http://bit.ly/PentaxK-r) before it's gone forever....but there's one little surprise at the end - what could it be?

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Thomas S. : Pentax has the BEST low/mid range DSLR's of any company out there when it comes to price/performance ratio (features, flexibility, ISO noise, low light, AF speed, etc..) and also some of the best (if not THE best) prime lenses. And this comes from weeks of researching/comparing/trying out canon/nikon/sony/pentax DSLR's. The "stigma" the brand may or may not have is irrelevant to everyone except those who go out to "be seen" - and those are not photographers. They are just snobs.
Proud Pentax owner.
June Bug : I still have my Pentax *ist DL 6.1 Megapixel DSLR camera that I purchased 10 years ago. I shoot with it almost every day and love it. Remember, cameras don't take good pictures. People do.
Hooray for Pentax! : 2016, still going! Looking forward to your hands-on review of the full-frame K-1, and perhaps a retrospective on this post.
Paolo Trinidad : this is actually pretty good camera, i mean, where else could you see a 6fps entry level? and its ISO performance is something else; still pretty clean @ around 6k
MV : I think it looks cool. Like a stormtrooper.

Pentax K-r Review

For the complete Pentax K-r review, go to http://www.infosyncworld.com/reviews/digital-cameras/pentax-k-r/11579.html\r
In the sub-$1,000 digital camera landscape, we're ambushed by more gangs of cameras than we could ever imagine shaking a stick at. The Pentax K-r is one of the few worthy intruders, flaunting several improvements over its next in command, the Pentax K-x. We loved Pentax's new K-x because it decimated nearly all in its price range. No competing Micro Four Thirds or DSLR could touch the Pentax K-x, and now, for a few hundred Benjamins more, the company's mid-level Pentax K-r brings serious trouble to the amateur DSLR world. It's faster, more intelligent, and more capable, from the LCD screen to the extended ISO range, to the power source. The Pentax K-r is a bonefide upgrade from the K-x in our eyes, so let's find out why.
DobsyArtist : just bought my K-r today, this review helped me choose it..and i dont regret the purchase one bit! thanks
Voices From Behind : Bought mine today. I'm waiting for the battery to charge up now :D
Finna zov : Very nice review as seen from 2019 :)
George Gardner : Finally a review that covers what I need to know! Thanks, man.
kencolle1 : @ILLRICARDO I just ordered in red the other day!!!

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멤버십(월 결재) 가입 링크 입니다. 멤버십에 가입하시면 월 1회이상 특별한 영상으로 보답해 드리겠습니다. (유튜브 가입 주소)

안녕하세요 스트로비스트 코리아 입니다.
질문은 아래 웹사이트의 질문게시판을 이용해 주세요.
Yong-June Chang : 2003년에 펜클 가입 회원입니다. 이미 권학봉님을 제가 간접적으로나마 함께 했다는 사실에 뿌듯함을 느낍니다. 당시 저는 MZ-S에 Limited 43mm로 너무 즐거운 사진 생활을 했던 추억이 있습니다. 저 역시 필름 빈 공간에 촬영 기록 남기는 기능을 매우 유용하게 잘 활용했었습니다. 추억에 젖는 주말입니다.
송재우 : ds를 첫 디지털 카메라로 시작했는데 아직도 펜탁스만에 진득한 색감은 참 좋았던거 같아요 느린초점과 핀정확도도 떨어지지만 그만큼 신경써서 찍다보니 사진결과물은 더좋았던것같아요
樂덕매니저 : 와~ 펜클이다 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 권작가님 이름이 있을 줄이야 ㅋㅋ 펜탁스가 기술적으로 시대에 뒤떨어진 부분도 있지만 그래도 잘 만족하면서 사용하고 있어요~ :D
Wonpyo Kim : 최고의 35mm 필름 SLR 카메라회사 펜탁스 10:05 펜탁스MX/ME(1976) , 13:57 Z-1(1991) , 16:03 펜탁스 MZ-5(1996) , 16:50 펜탁스 렌즈 , 22:44 펜탁스 마지막 필름카메라 펜탁스 MZ-s , 25:34 2005년 삼성 GX-10 / GX-20 , 30:33 2010년 펜탁스 645D(2010)

펜탁스가 645Z 기반 보급형 중형 1.3 크롭 미러리스를 엄청 싸게 내놨어야 했는데...
Kanghoon Yoon : 내용 잘 읽었습니다. 70년대초 고딩 사진반 시절 카메라가 귀해서 카메라 들고 교정을 걸어가면 선배들이 사진 찍어 달라고 괴롭혔던 기억이 새삼 다시 생각납니다. 영상 준비에 많은 시간 들었을텐데 감사합니다. 권선생님 덕분에 편하게 카메라에 관한 많은 내용을 다시 보는 호사를 누립니다. 항상 건강하시고 즐거운 나날 되시기 바라겠습니다.




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