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Better Know a Polymer: Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the video on PMMA! Be sure to check out the other polymer videos done by our peers!
~Tanya and Thomas


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Mechanical BaBA : Very nice explanation, this will be very useful for my presentation on acrylic polymer. Thanks!
adhi irani : Hello.. I want to ask? What kind of chemical i can use to use as initiator for MMA to produce PMMA..? Thanks

Are You Tough Enough To Study in this Academy? | A Day in the Life of PMMA Cadets

The Daily Routine

After uploading a few teaser videos, I finally finished my full video about the daily routine of PMMA Cadets. This video shows a typical day in the life of the Cadets of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy. From Reveille to TAPS, we go through the whole daily routine and show the unique training style of PMMA, which many maritime schools in the Philippines try so hard to copy.

Chief MAKOi Seaman VLOG

Special Thanks to The Galleon '18 for some of the video footage that I included in this episode.

Chief MAKOi : It's finally here!!! I've been a bit busy this past month which is why I haven't uploaded any videos. If you want me to upload more frequently, hit the LIKE button on this video so I get more motivated hahaha! Thanks for all your support! This is my 99th video so next episode will be my 100th video on my channel. Stay tuned for that guys!
Edward Weeden : As a former U.S. Navy instructor at RTC San Diego, I salute these dedicated and determined young men! I can honestly say that in my four years as an instructor I never met a Filipino recruit who was NOT dedicated and determined! You do your nation PROUD!!!
Terence Hawkes : I am 71 years old and have undergone military training. I often wondered about it, but now, in my old age I realize what it is all about. it is about gaining the self discipline to do your job even when you don’t feel like it or are bored.
dav snow : I did officer training in the Australian Army in the early 1960s, and the first 6 months were similarly harsh, with punishment drills meted out for every infringement. However we were able to eat in a more relaxed manner thankfully. Physically and mentally it was very challenging, but we were proud of our achievements. I think this training is going to weed out the dreamers for sure.
Glenn K. : Have you made all of these into a documentary? You have the skill for sure!! To be a chief engineer and also have such skill in video and editing is great!

Part 1 | Orientation Month at the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy | PMMA Documentary

Orientation Month at the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy Part 1 of 2
This 2-part series shows the various activities that the Probationary Midshipmen go through during their one month Orientation and Indoctrination Period in the PMMA.

Chief MAKOi
Special Thanks to:

Engr Raymund Raquel
Edward Rex Nantes
Macky Valino
Chief MAKOi : ENGLISH SUBTITLES HAVE BEEN FIXED!!! Just press the "CC" button to switch on.
Skvoz Grozy : I took the entrance exam in PMMA and passed and was subject to medical examinations. Unfortunately, I failed psychological tests as I was deemed aggresive in nature. Being declared unfit for admission, I decided to move on to other career paths. I am now a registered civil engineer so all is good now for me.
Rod Fair : I have had the privilege of having some of your graduates work for me when I was at sea......excellent people, very well trained and disciplined!
It was my honor and pleasure Chief!
Frank Marcia : hi Chief, this was very interesting and brought back my training as a young man when i joined the U S Coast Guard back in the was the best thing i ever did and it has helped me through all of my life and i am now 76 years old.
Pinoy Ako : I also passed the entrance exam that time (2018) but sadly failed the neuro test. This will be my third time now, hopefully I will pass this time ❤️




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