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The Reason why Goalkeepers Spit on their Gloves

Turn on the bell
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#shorts #goalkeeper #football
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Goatuire : Ochoa has been carrying that spit for years
skanda : Bro knew what he was doing with the words
Homunculus : ochoa spitting on his gloves picture is gonna haunt me forever
Dvir Rubin : "to catch the ball" got me to the floor

edit: chill guys that was a joke!

Pollyanna McIntosh in latex and rubber gloves

From: The Herd (2014)
#latexgloves #PollyannaMcIntosh #rubbergloves
@syracusecrunchfan47 : 2:03 is so disturbing
@huylequang1013 : What the movie name
@thepassivesaiyan3028 : Wtf!?

Turning plastic gloves into hot sauce

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Turning plastic gloves into hot sauce is something that I've been wanting to do since I started this channel. I never attempted it though because I knew that it was going to be the longest and hardest project I've ever worked on.

However, one day I randomly decided that I was ready and I just got started on it...

Reduction and amide formation:

Nile talks about lab safety:


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Music in credits (Walker by SORRYSINES):

Micah Brodeur : This man will turn you in to a pop tart if you call him a nerd
Unknown : Friend: Damn what’s this sauce made of?
Nile: gloves and vanilla……
Friend: …
Just Kidding : I find it fascinating that I can watch an 1 hour video without understanding anything and not be bored
ye s : “Damn, this sauce tastes great! How’d you make it?”
Nile, sweating: a chef never reveals his recipe
Mr Turtle : Nile: “It was a little cloudy”
Me: “let me guess, separator funnel?”
Nile: “so I put it in a flask”
Me: “hmm, smart, wise move. That’s what I was thinking all along.”




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